Saturday, June 25, 2011

Junque Yard

It's a nice Saturday morning. The sun is out (Sun? What's that??) It's a wee bit chilly, but in that temporary way, that you know it's going to warm up later.

As I sit outside with my laptop and cup of coffee, I watch robins stealing bits of the straw that I use as mulch in the veggie gardens. I thought it was too late for nest making, but maybe there is an over-pregnant momma out there yelling at her mate to her some more nesting materials. "Henry, get it NOW."

This week I have been enjoying lettuce, spinach, and my favorite, sugar snap peas. Right off the vine. I have them growing in a container right next to the drive way, and I always pick at least one to munch on as I walk by. Sugar snaps are delicious. And one of those things that the more you pick, the more will grow. Until it gets too hot. Then I move the container out of direct sunlight, in hopes of extending their growing season a bit longer.

I saw a recipe for pickled sugar snap peas that I want to try. You can find the recipe here. I doubt that I will get enough from my pot to make a pint (especially with me eating them all the time), but I might have to make a trip to the Farmer's Market and pick up some extra.  The recipe as it is does not call for actual canning, but you can process them, there's enough acid to cook through, especially in pint jars.

The recipe is on the Eat.Repeat blog, and I found it from "Food in Jars" on FaceBook.


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  2. Ooops! Fixed! :) Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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