Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Musings from the Junque Pile - The Great No-Poo Experiment - Finale

This is the final wrap up from The Great No-Poo Experiment started by me, Vino, and JayBee.  We did it together, because we all have different hair types, and we all are tired of spending so much money on commercial hair care product, and we'd all read how baking soda and vinegar will make your hair soft, clean, and more manageable without using chemicals that no one can pronounce.

First up, Vino:
I’ve continued my routine of BS, about twice a week.   I love it.
What little shampoo I have on hand will be used only if I have a major build-up of gunk in my hair.
Or after a night of mud wrestling, maybe……
For the most part, just a thorough rinsing every other day seems to be enough for me.
I use the ACV rinse only when I use the BS.  
I’ve been doing sulfate free conditioners when needed, as I still battle the frizzies.
Olive oil and coconut oils are my friends.  A little dab’ll do ya!!    I use them as needed as well.
In summary, I’m a fan.
I’ll be a no-pooer from now on.   Me likey.
One less thing to purchase.  
Up next is JayBee, who details more of her No-Poo experiment on her own blog: www.thageekymomma.blogspot.com

So nothing much has changed for me since the last update. I did make the decision to go back to conditioner. I was never able to replicate the correct ACV:water ratio for me. I loved what the BC rinse was doing for my scalp and hair and I wanted to continue with that, but the ACV rinse was driving me batty.
Then I realized… It’s not all or nothing.
So I found a mild natural conditioner for a reasonable price.
I’ve been in love with my hair ever since.
I still use ACV when doing my weekly dandruff rinse and I have seen a great improvement in my scalp –I’m not sure if it’s only the ACV or the use of that and the BC rinse. Either way I love it.
I don’t know if I mentioned it here or on my blog, but I spoke with my mom about considering going ‘poo-free. She has had a very severe case of psoriasis for years now. It is so bad that she’s opted to keep a shaved head because the heat her hair kept was causing severe discomfort to her. Well she is making progress in that area and is trying to keep her hair, the only thing is that her skin is so delicate that traditional shampoos are too harsh on her and the special shampoos cost a more than she can afford on a regular basis and still offer little help.
So far she is a fan. She is able to keep her hair clean –which helps minimize the reaction and discomfort.
So the verdict for my mom and I: thumbs way up.
And finally, Me:

I've been doing this for over 3 weeks now. I am to the point where I can go 3-4 days without out "washing" my hair. This is a major feat, because my scalp was so overproducing oils (called sebum) from shampooing that I had to wash every day in order not to look greasy, scratch my scalp until I bleed (yes, that happened), and have my hair hold it's style.

My scalp is WAAAAAAAAY less itchy, and the only time I've seen dandruff is when I missed a spot when rinsing the baking soda out of my hair.

I've also switched from using a brush to using combs, and see far less breakage, and the new hair growing out at my root line I can tell is stronger. The reason I mention this is because my hair used to be so "knotty" I hated using combs and only used brushes. Now, I haven't touched a brush for almost a month, and I don't get knots anymore.

My only "complaints" (if you can call them that), are that the ends appear to be fizzy, but I'm sure that if I ever get my behind to the salon for a trim regularly, that problem will cease to exist.

I am also still using hair spray to get my hair styled. But I have to use far less spray that I used to, so that's another savings right there. But I need to find a better hair spray, because sometimes when I rinse in hot water, the ends of my hair feel "gummy" and I'm sure that's just residual hairspray, not anything connected to the No-Poo.

All in all, I am happy with No-Poo, and so is DaHubster. He uses BS instead of shampoo now, too, and loves it.

I might need to buy stock in Arm & Hammer.

There you have it folks, 3 more satisfied No-Poo customers.  Actually, make that 5, counting my hubby, and JayBee's Mom.

I think it says a lot that so many of us, with different ages, backgrounds, and hair types can try something that's not mainstream, and be happy with the results.

Don't you?

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