Saturday, December 10, 2011

Musings at the Junque Pile - Do I know how to multi-task or what?

This morning I got up early to "get some things done." Sha. Right.

I have no problem getting up early on the weekends. I have several furry alarm clocks who decide that breakfast comes earlier on Saturdays and Sundays than it does during the week when I need to get up for work.Monday thru Friday, I am routinely up by 6:00am.  Weekends, the yowling horde generally starts in around 4:30am.

This is good, right?

Anyway, after throwing a pillow or two at an offending cat, I managed to slug-a-bed until 5-ish this morning. Score me for an extra half-hour! Whoo hoo! The jokes on them, though, because I still don't feed them until after 6:00am.  One needs meds, and I don't deviate from the schedule (much).  I'm just ambulatory enough to squirt them with a water bottle until it's mealtime.

So, up I get, coffee I make. Yoda, I am not.

This morning's schedule is to dye hair (yes, I admit to it, who am I kidding?), do a major facial with steam, baking soda scrub, with a witch hazel chaser, and a pedicure.  I also need to do my Christmas cards.

The amazing thing is, once the dye is on, I can plaster my face, soak my feet AND write out cards while all that beauty stuff does their individual things.

I hope I don't drip on the cards, though.  That would be tacky.  *nods*


  1. Enhance. We ENHANCE our hair.

  2. i need all the enhancement I can get....everywhere.

  3. I enhance the grey right out is what I do.