Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Junque Pile - removing acrylic nails

Today is the day of my hand surgery, and as I'm up early (not surprised), starving (not supposed to eat), and un-caffeinated (no liquids either), I thought I'd write in blog. Lucky you! :)

Last night I had to remove my acrylic nails. Those of you that know me on FB know that I was dreading this, probably more than the surgery itself. I've worn acrylic over my nails for well over 10 years. My natural nails are very soft. They don't break, they split and peel. A layer of acrylic once a month saves me from picking at my nails and cuticles. And it's probably the one girly thing I do to make myself look nice. It's vanity, what can I say?

But the result of having acrylics for so long is that my nails are weaker and softer than ever. Not a problem when the acrylic is on, but in the rare cases where I break one, I actually get the willies. I don't keep my nails super long, unless it's been a loooooong time between visits to the salon. But the pads of skin at the very tops of my fingers are not used to being touched (because the nail over-hangs) that if it's exposed to air, touching with it feels "ooogey."  *shudder*

So last night I got out the acetone nail polish and my dremel tool and went to work. I soaked each nail, chipped off what I could, and dremeled the nail beds, soaked some more, and finally chipped it all off.

I'm feeling a little like Samson without his hair. Isn't that crazy?

I can't find my nail file with the buffing/shining pads on it, so they are rough until I feel well enough to haul my booty to Walgreens. But at least it's done.

Maybe I'll get used to having short, flimsy, pathetic nails, and my addiction to acrylic will be broken. But I doubt it.  :)

anyway, this is the last post for awhile. I might try after surgery to see what I can type, but you can expect lots of typos, and probably pretty short posts for awhile.

See you on the other side!

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