Saturday, August 13, 2011

Junque Food - Breakfast Challenges

Good Morning! Did anyone try out some of the homemade beauty products I listed in my last blog? If so, let me know...throw me a comment.  I get responses at my Face Book page, but rarely here. My blog needs some lovin'...  :)

Anyhoo, I was talking with my friend Vino, and we were discussing healthy breakfasts. As I diabetic, I need to eat regularly, and breakfast is not my most favorite meal of the day. Mainly because I don't have time to cook it every day. However, what I have been known to do is cook ahead, portion off, and take breakfasts and lunches with me to work. When I do that I generally spend a fair amount of time on Sundays doing this. It gets old, especially when the weather is nice, and I wanna go play outdoors (Please, Mom...can I?).

I am particularly fond of making a no-crust mini-quiche recipe I found in a South Beach Diet book a hundred years ago. That particular recipe isn't online, but it is super simple in that you whisk up eggs, add some low-fat/no-fat shredded cheese, any diced veggies you have on hand and bake it in muffin tins. 2 "muffins" are your meal. That's an awesome recipe as you can package up the portions into baggies, freeze them, and they zap in the microwave in a couple of minutes (take them out of the baggie first or YUCK!).

Unfortunately, I get bored of eating the same thing for more than 3 days. I need variety. And I need to plan ahead, or I do nothing and am completely unprepared. When I'm in a good organizational mood, I can plan a week's worth of meals (not just breakfast, but lunch and dinner too), checked against what I have on-hand, make a list of what I need from the store, get it, prepare it, and I'm golden. I also get SUPER WIFE points, but that's a story for another time...

I can admit that my organizational skills have not been up to snuff lately. And as a result, I've made bad food choices. And my pants are a wee bit tighter than they should be at the moment. THIS MUST CHANGE!

So, here's some ideas I have for mixing it up in the breakfast department:
Yogurt (home made if I can get DaHubster to make it - he's the yogurt guru around here) or store bought with home made granola and frozen berries
Different variations on the baked egg dishes like this one I just found off the South Beach Diet website that looks decidedly NOM.
Bumping up my salad intake, and eating it in the morning (I've done it in the past, and can do it occasionally, but I get bored with salads quickly)
Sliced turkey wraps with a homemade veggie in vinegarette dressing

I need ideas, people! Help a sister out. Don't worry about sugar content or portion, I can work with anything. I've been doing it a long time, and can work pretty much any recipe to fit my dietetic needs. The only requirement is that I need to be able to make it ahead of time, and take it to work with me (I have access to a microwave at work).

If I try your recipe, I will happily send you a glass bead pendant from my stock of lampworking days, along with my thanks and gratitude. :)


  1. Cheeseburgers are my favorite breakfast food. I like them better for breakfast than I do for lunch or dinner. Do you have "sliders" out there? They're mini versions of the big cheeseburger. All I'm saying is 2 oz patty, cheddar cheese, homemade bun, little lettuce and tomato with a smear of bbq sauce and maybe a little bacon, delish. To make it freezer friendly, cook off your burgers and bacon Sunday, make your bread, slice your veg. Assemble everything but veg(cooked burger, bacon, uncooked cheese), freeze in day packets. Have tomato in lettuce in pc baggies, take two baggies with, microwave, throw on your veg and NOmnomnom...

  2. We went over LOTS of options thru our daily email from work sessions. LOL

    One of the things my mom does (and now me) is to add sauteed greens to your scrambled egg whites. A handful of spinach or spring salad greens, a touch of olive oil, garlic and onions (pieces or powder)... add egg mixture and voila! I top mine with spicy salsa. Almost a full serving of veggies at breakfast that way.

  3. I bought 2 bags of spinach today at the store, Ms Vino. I plan on adding that to my egg cups.

    Mel, I love the idea behind the cheeseburger. In fact, I love breakfast sandwiches. To my detriment. I think I will start perfecting the homemade breakfast sammich. Thank you!

    More, please people. I need variety!