Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today's Junque Food

This weekend has been a moderate for cooking. DaMan is off doing DaManly stuff, and I've been prepping lunches for the coming week. We are expecting rain and cold, so I am leaning towards the warmth - temperature and spiciness.

I'm currently roasting a mess of sweet potatoes to mash with butter and just a wee bit of brown sugar. It's a good meal for me at work, easy to heat, and stays with me. It also helps my sweet tooth, so I don't crave candy - the vending machine in the lunch room is just EVIL! And the GI of sweet potatoes means my blood sugar won't spike and drop during the day. I really, really hate that feeling.

I made a double batch of Curried Chicken Salad for us for lunches, too. This spicy mix is great for sandwiches. I like to put some in a container, and put it on the bread at mealtime, so that the bread doesn't get soggy, as it can with mayo-based salads. It's wicked simple to put together, too, just use your favorite tuna salad mixings, swap out canned chicken instead of tuna, then add a heaping teaspoon of Patak's Hot Red Curry Paste:

This stuff is amazing! Try it, you'll see!

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