Sunday, April 17, 2011

A New Incarnation

Having several different blogs for different interests meant that I didn't post to any of them! Guilt from neglecting my blogs, and guilt from neglecting my want to give in to all the ramblings in my brain has made it so that I decided to combine my interests into one voice...and I'm calling it Junque.

Here I'll spill the tidbits that fill my weekends - cooking, gardening, crafting, and my new interest, recycling and upcycling junk into useful and handsome items. I get such a charge out of recycling garbage, and even more so when I pull stuff out of the recylcing container and put it back into use as something else. I also get a charge out of growing my own food and herbs, and then finding ways to use the leftovers and "waste" productively.

I intend to break down posts into sub-categories to keep my need for organization:

*Junque-yard - gardening, composting, and alternative uses for homegrown items.
*Junque-food - cooking, preserving, canning, and EATING! :)
*Junque-jewelry - originally started as I use my grandmother's old jewelry to make new wearable art.
*Junque-??? - I have to come up with another name for the upcycling section. Does anyone have any suggestion? I was thinking Junque-ology.

Comments are always appreciated.

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