Thursday, June 21, 2012

Musings from the Junque Pile

Just a general update, no big whoop.  :)

It finally rained here at the micro mini-ranch. I sat outside Saturday afternoon, and gave myself a pedicure while the rain beat down on the dehydrated lawn. We had lightening and thunder, and a great breeze, and was a wonderful way to spend an hour, scraping my feet of the ravages of winter, while the rain cooled everything off.

DaHubster and I have been cutting down our intake of grains, starches, and dairy, to wonderful results. My joints and back feel better than ever. He and I have both lost around 10lbs each over the last month or so. The more I practice the Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle, the more I find the benefit in it. I'm not perfect at it, and I still crave breads and sweets, but I'm getting better. And feeling better. It's wonderful.

I had planted some annual flowers in my front garden to offset all the perennials, but some hungry bunny came and ate all the blooms off the alyssia, verbena, and lobelia. Hope that  made a nice meal for you guys!

I need to plant more flowers, it's looking a little utilitarian in the back yard with only veggies, fruits, and herbs. I pin a ton of ideas in my gardening folder on Pinterest, but never actually do anything with it. I really should rectify that.

For those that were following our No-Poo experiment, I'm still not shampooing. Baking soda is all I need to keep my hair clean, and healthier looking. I've also switched from commercial dyes (I'm not a real redhead, heh), to henna. That's been an interesting ride.  Henna is pretty powerful stuff, but there's not chemicals. I'm a darker redhead, than I used to be, but I like it.

I'm going to need a project soon. Not just the gardens, which are a project themselves. I have an old desk that I've posted about, that I keep wanting to fix up, because it's an ugly eyesore. Maybe I'll get the gumption soon to drag it out, sand it down, and get a new top put on it. I've been eyeballing mosaic designs online. I need to find cheap or recycled materials to use to get that done. If I can come up with a color scheme for the top, I'll know what color to paint the legs.  decisions, decisions....LOL.


  1. Garage sales make for great sources of dishware

  2. yeah, but I'm not good enough to pull out the curves pieces of plates and stuff. My cheap-o-ness would make me want to use ALL of the plate, and then my tabletop would be totally uneven.