Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Musings from the Junque Pile - 80 uses for coconut oil

I saw the link for "80 uses for coconut oil" on Face Book from a site that I have befriended called "Homestead Survival". They post links to websites that they think might be interesting or helpful to people who Preppers, or just want to live economically or sustainably.

Their website is:

"80 uses for coconut oil" comes from, and this was my first time visiting this website. Some of the claims for coconut oil seem to be a little far fetched, but I still thought I'd post it here so that people can see some of the more mild health benefits of this wonderful stuff.

I use coconut oil in cooking and beauty care.  I frequently use it for a deep conditioner for my hair. On the weekend, I will wash and then slather on the coconut oil and leave it in for a day or longer. By the time I have to go back to work on Monday, I rinse or wash again, and that's all the conditioning in need for the week.  I also rub it on my legs, feet, arms, and face after a shower deeper moisturizer than I get from commercial lotions.

What I like about it for cooking is that it's solid until temps reach 75, then goes liquid. that makes it great for mixing. And it makes some awesome fried eggs! The only thing we found we didn't care for using it with is making popcorn. We need the oil to get hotter before smoking for popping, so this doesn't fit the bill.

It also has a long shelf life without going rancid, unlike a lot of other oils. So stock up! It's pretty cheap, too.

So go read the wonders of coconut oil. As I said, your mileage may vary with some of the claims on that website.  But then again, it's not going to hurt you to try, right?

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