Saturday, May 5, 2012

Musings from the Junque Pile - another spring cleaning project down.

I have a cabinet that houses half of my spices, and all of my plastic lids.  Before yesterday, I would have been too embarrassed to show you this cabinet, which is above the stove.  This is where we keep our lunch containers that we take to work every day, and you know what happens, lids get lost or the one lid that doesn’t fit any container suddenly multiplies like rabbits overnight.

I found some sort of rack-thing as Salvation Army for $2.00. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I could use it for something. It looks like two ginormous napkin holders that are also conjoined twins. I had visions of painting it a funky color and putting it up on the wall to hold necklaces or rings of keys, or something like that.

But when I was looking for a bigger container to put the ever procreating plastic lids in, and this rack popped into my brain. I just knew it would work, and VIOLA!  Instant lid holder! 

I can actually see what lids I have at a glance. I love it! Even my mother liked it, and that's saying something. She's about 6 inches shorter than I am, and this cabinet is above our stove.  She hated getting on the step stool in order to find a matching lid to a container. Now she can see what she  needs much easier, even if she still has to use the stool to get it (heh).

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