Sunday, March 25, 2012

Musings from the Junque Pile - The Great "No-'Poo" Experiment-Part 3

So, I asked the girls (Vino & JayBeez) to update me on their 2nd week of No-poo'ing.

If you are just coming into this blog for the first time, and have no idea what I'm talking about, please read these 2 blog posts first:

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First up is Ms. Vino:

I've come to the conclusion that for this no 'poo to work on my head, I have to modify it.
As in using real 'poo once every two weeks or so.   I will be using a sulfate-free brand.

The water and BS is just not cutting thru all of the moisturizers I HAVE to use on my hairz.
My frizzy mop requires SOME sort of leave in conditioner.... be it store bought or the mixtures of
olive oil/coconut oil or home made remedies that I've been finding.  More on that in a few.  :)

I do like the BS plan.  It's the ACV rinse I'm not totally sold on.   Maybe I still need to tweak the amount used
or how often I use it.   I WILL still have it incorporated into my routine.  If nothing else, it will make any
'poo and 'ditioners I purchase last much much longer, using them only once or twice a month! 

Speaking of frizz --- Mrs. Junque found a recipe for mashed bananas and avocado.   I tried it Saturday morning.
It called for 1/2 a nana and 1 avocado.  Mash well and apply to hairz.   I covered with a plastic cap and a hot towel.
Left it on for several hours.    When I unwrapped to take a shower, it smelled of fresh banana bread.
Not a bad thing.   LOL
Rinsing took FOREVER.   Lesson learned ------ use food processor or blender to make a smooth paste.   My mash
was still a little lumpy.  Heh.

I finally decided to use a small bead of 'poo to help remove the stubborn bits, and a glob of conditioner to help smooth out the strands, as I could barely rake my fingers thru my mop.  
I air dried, and this time did NOT use my mega wide comb at all.  Finger scrunched and left it alone.  
A light misting of oilve oil on the surface and done.    I was quite happy with the results.

In conclusion, I'm in favor of these natural routines.   I will be using them.

Tune in next time for the search of a decent, more natural way to cover gray roots.  ;-)
*heads off to brew more strong Earl Grey tea and coffee
And now Jay Beez's, whose detailed reports can be read at her personal blog: The Geeky Momma:

I seem to be in no-‘poo limbo.
I love –LOVE- this process, but I have yet to find the perfect ratios for me.
Yes, I found it for a fleeting second there on Day 3, the thing is that I added water to a mix that I had already been using. So lord knows what those ratios actually were.
After day 4 I decided to see how long I could go without washing my hair. I made it to day 5. My hair was still amazing, but my scalp was driving me batty.
So I went back and mixed up another batch, this time 2 c water to 1 tablespoon BS/ACV respectively.
Still a bit too strong, but I’m getting closer.
What I am noticing is that I will more than likely will have to continue washing my hair every other day. Not for my scalp, my dandruff is amazingly under control ever since I’ve been on this experiment, but for the tips of my hair.
My hair is just insanely long and my natural oils just can’t reach the tips if I wash every day. The ACV mix needs to be weaker since there’s more of a heavy build up rather than a moisturizing effect.
I have added a teeny bit of baby oil to the tips of my wet hair and it is helping tremendously.
I can't wait until I have all of this down and I can just have a normal hair routine again.

And lastly, me. The Humble Junque:

I'm really trying to not wash my hair every day, as I am trying to get the sebum in my scalp to stop over-producing - which is what causes that greasy looking hair.  I was trying to go for an every other day, with slowing it down to 2-3 days, but man, it's tough! My scalp seems to like being an over-producer. I guess me being a slacker my whole life,  my body has decided that in this one area it was going to be a winner.

Oh well, I'm still on the every other day schedule of washing my hair with BS and water, with a ACV rinse. And I'm probably going to have to keep adjusting the amounts of BS vs. water, because there have been a couple of times when afterwards, my hair still didn't feel clean.  I'm sure it was, but it just didn't feel that way.  it feels thicker, it clumps a little more than it should, and there a lot of poofy-ness on the ends that I'm attributing to the same problem Vino has with over-volume and frizz. And it's quite possible that a haircut might help tame a lot of this, as I haven't gotten one since before Christmas (did I mention I was lazy?). I should probably go for one soon.

I have to say that I'm not 100% sold on the no-poo yet. I've tried water washing, and I do not like how my hair feels.  And I have not gotten rid of my itchy scalp yet, although it is WAY better than it was before.  I've tried using less BS to see if that is my problem (as has been reported by other bloggers who have gone thru this, and I don't believe that it helps. it certainly doesn't make my hair feel clean.  I don't know, many I'm still too tuned into how shampoo makes me feel.  But I will keep plugging on, trying to get it right for me.

And as an aside, tune in later this week, when I will post my own first feeble attempts to dye my hair naturally. Whoooo boy, this is gonna be fun.


  1. I'm interested in the natural hair dye fosho
    I forgot to talk about the clumping. That's what I mean when I say that the ACV rinse leave a build up. I almost feel like I could turn my hair into dread locks!

  2. I'm definitely interested in hearing more about natural dying methods, too!
    I'm trying to wash my hair less often, but I don't think I can do the no 'poo thing.

  3. I love the no 'poo... or only twice a month. My scalp isn't oily in the least.
    Again, it's the 'conditioning' part of it. Yes, it's soft... but it's EVERYWHERE. Serious poofball. Hence the leave in stuff.

    I'm not giving up on this.