Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Junque Yard

I've been remiss in posting photos lately. It's not pure laziness...there just hasn't been much to show. Once the spring bulbs blew their wad (metaphorically speaking, of course), there's a lull in which the loverly Siberian Irises usually do their thing. I had a large cluster of them, that I split up into several smaller clusters and dispersed around my garden bed, but they did a poor showing this year. Just a couple of scraggly blossoms. I don't know if it was crappy weather we had, or if they are still recovering from the replanting, but there's plenty of green growth on them. They will come back next year.

Anyway, with the warmer temps the Asiatic Lilies have started strutting their stuff. I have some that have been in that bed for 2-3 years, and I planted 6 more early this spring.  The nursery I bought them from unduly forced them, and some attempted to bloom early, hardly waiting until they'd poked their heads out of the ground. Ah well, next year those guys will be phenom.  However, the rest are making their showing now, and what I show they are!

Sometimes, my camera phone does good!
Don't mind my toes peeking in at the bottom.

An awesome looking white and peach colored one that's being blocked by some black-eyed Susan's who won't appear until later this summer.

Seriously, does it get any better than this???
You know, I have no idea what this is. My uncle gave me a hunk of it, and said it was easy to grow. He was right! It's pretty too, but the flowers are at their peak in the mornings. I'll snap another of them when they are really looking pretty.
And in the herb garden, the Sage is blooming like nobody's business!

Flowerz. I haz happeh.  :)


  1. Dave and I share your love of these. We have them out front and wow are they beautiful! Yours are lovely and vibrant. I hope the ones they forced do well next year. I would say that things are slow this year. Its been so cold. Oh, and that plant you can't ID, well I can't either. It looks like Borage flowers, but the leaves are all wrong. I've never seen it before.

  2. Hey Fishy! I've planted borage in my herb garden this year, and while it's still only a bitty thing, yeah, the leaves are totally different. I will have to ask him the next time I see him.

  3. Please do ask, I'd love to know. :)