Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upcoming Junqueology projects...

I'm having trouble with my motivationals this weekend. My original plan was to come home Friday night and clean house so that I'd have the weekend to putter around with the myriad of projects we have lined up for this spring. However, it's been a really trying week, and I just was not feeling the cleaning mode, other than to take a few swipes at the bathroom and kitchen before playing on the computer and going to bed.

Martha Stewart, I am not.

So, I figured in the time honored tradition of all full time workers out there, I'd not be able to sleep in on a Saturday, get up, and start my homage to Mr. Clean in the bright and shiny morning. HA. Yeah. I actually did sleep in, until 9-ish (this is unheard of for me), and when I did, I woke up to the beginnings of a head cold/sinus & ear infection.

So I am not motivated today to much else other than keep myself from whining and whimpering.

I will, however, tell you some of the upcoming Junque projects I've got in mind for this spring and summer. Please disregard the excess tissues on the floor. And you might want to put on a mask, just in case.

This poor piece of un-luv-ed furniture was left for dead in our garage when we bought the place. The previous owner used it, and used it well. Then the mice used it, and they used it well, too. Now, it's all mine! First, though, I gotta fix it. Give it a good loving. The picture above was taken last summer after we dug it out of the garage. I liked the height of the desktop, and thought it would make a great potter's bench, if it wasn't too rotted. If I could get it waterproofed. As you can see this desk is in rough shape, made even rougher after being outside all winter (I wasn't smart enough to put it back in the garage before the first snow last year).

After it dries out, I will strip the (ugh-ly) green paint off, sand it until it's smooth as a baby's bottom, and weather proof it. I'm stuck on colors though. Not sure if I want to stain it or paint it. And what colors??? Black would be easy enough, but there has to be a snazzier color - if only my brain would pick one! Or maybe I should just go white??? Ah well...first things first - clean it up, repair it, then decide. If I have the pocket change AND the where-with-all, I plan on creating a mosaic tile topper. We'll have to see if the top sands flat, or if I need to rip it off and put a ply-wood topper on it. *rubs hands at the thought of digging out the power tools*

This potter bench will be a mid-summer project, when I can count on the day's being warm, and all my veggies are in the ground, doing their thangs. But I promis to keep you all posted. :)

I have 2 Junque-yard projects slated for before this one, though. I'll write about both here breifly, then detail later with pix and everything.

The first is to whip up one, two, possibly three more raised beds in the back yard for veggie growing. Da Hubster's out there right now, marking off where we are going to build a bed along the back fence for our berry bushes. Our goal is to make them with scrap wood we have on-hand. They won't be pretty, but they will get the job done. Pretty will come later, if I can talk the budget into a few cans of paint. :)

The second project is a re-do of a walkway in the backyard. Originally it was made of cement pavers about 100 years ago. It's completely overgrown, totally not level and as it goes downhill anyway, it's pretty much a hazard for walking. I've been buttering up Da Hubster into helping me fix it. It won't take much, other than muscles and time. He's got Da Muscles (hubba Hubba), and I got the time. I will do a detail of this project later, but for now, I think I need to whip out some cookies for bribery.

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