Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Spring has been slow here on the neo-faux-ghetto homestead (the term "Urban Homestead" has been copyrighted by people who want to make a buck off a term they didn't coin, but that's gripe for another time). It's been cold, windy, rainy for the most part. We did have a couple of days of sun and warmth - literally 2 days - a couple of weeks ago, but it was enough to knock my spring bulbs off their schedule.

The tulips are stunted yet blooming, the daffodils have no flower buds on them yet, and the hyacinth are just starting pop, but look like they've been through the ringer:
Tulips. There were here from the last homeowners, and they natualized well, and are dividing quickly.

The hyacinth. It's a little be-draggled, but hanging in there.

This is Columbine. It's never bloomed, but it keeps coming back every year.

I have one flower garden. It's in the front of the house. I've been working to make it a continual blooming perennial garden. I love spring flowers - tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc. Every year I plant more and more bulbs until the thing is fairly bursting. I've been trying to add lilies and iris for later in the year, so it always has something blooming. Those of you that have this type of garden know the frustration of TIMING. it's a challenge, but I'm finally pulling ahead. I *think* I'm getting it down, as something's flowering in there most of the time. I've also started adding hostas for fill-in greenery. I'm hoping to put in some lilly of the valley for ground cover soon.

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